Parging Repair in Calgary

Keeping buildings and homes looking neat for years requires unique processes. One of them is parging. In places like Canada, where it is essential to protect walls from moisture and other elements, parging becomes a vital method to keep them safe.

But it sometimes breaks down, wears off, or simply starts getting old. In that case, you’ll need expert Calgary parging help to maintain it.
Here, we’ll show you not only how important parging is for your building walls and why you need to maintain it.

What is Parging?

If you aren’t sure what parging is – let’s give you a brief explanation.

In short words, parging is cement. It is a coat that goes on the foundation of walls. This cement coat protects the concrete or base material of the wall from the elements. And sure enough, it also offers a layer of protection against common issues like birds, pests, mold, and more.

At the same time, parging gives a smooth look to walls. Depending on how it is applied, it can provide a pretty impressive appearance that makes walls more attractive.

For anyone who wants to protect walls from nature elements while making it look finished, there’s nothing more helpful than parging.

Common Issues with Parging

As you can guess, parging is a crucial protective coat for brick & concrete walls.  If you don’t protect it, then you’re leaving the internal wall exposed in some sense.

Here are some of the issues you can experience with parging:

  • Flaking or Spalling

When the moisture gets inside the parging cement, it starts to wear off. This eventually produces a type of flaking that makes it start to fall off. Sure enough, it is a matter of time before it falls.

This can take a lot of effort and time to repair, and not everyone can do it. So it is a pretty problem to experience.

  • Cracking

This could happen due to humidity, birds pecking on the surface, pests, and sometimes just damage from impacts or earth movements. When this happens, the parging starts to crack, and opening small crevices where more humidity, more pests, and thus more damage begin to happen. In the long run, it makes the parging fall off.

  • Holes

Either from birds or pests, holes can produce significant damage to parging. In some cases, it happens because of a bad application or just old age. In any case, holes can be super damaging to the surface and make it fall off or just stop working as it should.

These are just typical problems you may experience. Either way, you’ll want to know how to repair parging once any of this starts happening. Next – we’ll show you why it is so important.

Benefits of Maintaining Parging

The main reason to maintain parging is to keep your walls protected in the long term. If you don’t maintain the parging, then it will start to get damaged over time. And sometimes, this damage will be impossible to fix.

But if you’re successfully maintaining & fixing parging, then you’re more likely to enjoy its benefits over the long term. Here are some of them:

  • Very cheap way to protect walls
  • Makes walls look better
  • Strengthens the wall exponentially
  • Helps to preserve the entire structure

This requires a lot of effort, time, and experience, though. So you’ll want to make sure someone else can do it for you.

Fixing Parging with Our Help

Whether it is repairing the parging when it starts to flake, crack, or have holes – you’ll want someone with experience taking care of the parging maintenance in Calgary. And for that, we’re your best bet.

This is what you get if you choose us:

Hard Work:

We count with a team of hard-working experts who know the nitty-gritty of the parging process. They will find the problem in minutes, and before you can realize, they’ll start working on it.

Best Practices:

With experience in commercial & residential parging that goes back decades – our team knows precisely how to tackle even the ugliest of problems.

We’ll get the job done while making sure the problem doesn’t happen again. And we’ll do it faster & more effectively than anyone else in Calgary.

Quality Service:

We put quality over any other factor when doing the parging repair of your building. Not only will we repair it, but we’ll also make sure it lasts a long time without a single issue. For anyone who wants to keep their parging working for years or even decades, we are your best bet.

Get The Parging Services Your House Deserves!

So, do you need some Calgary parging help? Then you shouldn’t hesitate and get our help now!

We will take care of whatever problem you have with the parging in less time than you can count. And we’ll do it all for a fantastic price.

Don’t let your house or building parging fall off because of a lack of maintenance. Instead, use our help and get that parging to look neat once again.

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